Cerveceria Colorado: Denver’s Newest Brewery Focused on Latin Focused Craft Beer

Jason Buehler is a mastermind, not of the criminal sort, but rather a genius. Denver is definitely a craft beer mecca and it is hard to stand out. That says a lot about the state of beer in Colorado and brewing in general but Buehler is definitely on to something.  His creation, Cerveceria Colorado, is a testament to this fact. Right next door to the parent Denver Brewing Co., everything within Cerveceria Colorado is Latin focused and inspired, and I do mean everything. The decor is bright, with fun colors. There is a pinata hanging on the wall, there are cloth sails to block the sun on the patio, and let’s not forget the beer. Each selection, and there are a bunch of them, has some trace back to its Latin roots. There’s Señor Piña, an ale brewed with pineapple that is served with a tamarind straw. Drop the straw in and the flavor profile completely changes but both are delicious in their own right. There’s also a churro stout that is a milk stout made with real churros, vanilla beans and cinnamon. Next up, and something I am really excited to try, is a Horchata inspired beer. All of this is possible because Buehler has made the trips back and forth between the states and Mexico after a slow beer competition a while back that had him needing more. More maguey syrup, more piloncillo sugar, more nopal cactus. He went to local brewers on these trips looking for advice, tips and knowledge and the overwhelming response he received was “how can we help?”  Buehler has partnered with breweries such as Casa Cervecera Cru Cru  and Cervecería de Colima in Mexico City,  Cirquera brewery out of Querétaro and Cervecería Cholula outside of Puebla to bring a distinct flavor to a market that has a brewery on seemingly every corner of the city.