Thanks to Jacquelynn Buck for these excellent images of me!

My extensive training and work in photojournalism and newspapers has taught me that no moment is too small, every shared glance is worth the time, and the best images come when you don't plan or pose them. So I'm always camera ready - waiting for the seconds, in between the minutes, when the unexpected happens. And then click.

I'm thoughtful and sort of a romantic soul. Some might say introspective. I know - that's tough for a guy to admit. But there it is. I love love and I'm ok that it shows.

You might be surprised to know that while Denver is my home, I was raised on peaches and black eyed peas, by men who still pull chairs out for ladies, and among balmy (ok, sometimes gross and humid) nights under the sweep of Spanish moss. Yes, I mean Georgia on my mind. Unfortunately (sorry ladies) I don't bring an accent with me. It just never rubbed off ya'll.

I'm an outdoorsy sort. It's part of why I love living in Denver. Hiking and camping and kayaking oh my. If it’s nice outside please just don’t ask me to watch a movie.

Exploration is in my blood. There are cities to visit and mountains to climb around every corner and I want to see them all.

I’m curious about what makes a person tick. I believe that putting someone in front of a camera makes them more honest about what and how they feel about those around them.

I love food. Enough said.

I'm not really musical or best known for belting out of tune songs in the car (maybe occasionally) but get me on the dance floor and it's on. Like butter on toast.

I have an extensive Urban Outfitters T-shirt collection. It keeps growing. #addicted

The smell of hot fresh coffee is one of life's best pleasures. But thanks to a "caffeine overdose" in my college years, I don't often drink up.

you don't plan or pose themcome -Best Imagestheis worth the time,Shared Glanceeveryis too small,Momentno

So, ok, i have to warn you - I have a beard  - kind of like mountain man meets urban hipster. But don’t let that scare you. I’m really a clean shaven southern boy underneath. I just need something to stay warm in these winters! #woolybutwarm

Live by the golden rule. Done and done.

When I'm not behind the camera you can usually find me in the kitchen amid a healthy dose of spices. The way I was raised, every important decision or conversation happens in this room.

My favorite color is purple.

I'm driven by the beat of a techno remix. My playlist is eclectic and thumps and thunders while I work.

Goooo dawgs! Sic 'em! I like college football. Everything else, meh. I can't help it, I’d rather be outside. #notyourtypicalsportsfan

Don't ever ask me to leave my camera at home. Ever. It's like, impossible. I'm always wandering around feeling like something important is missing. I can't help it. Passion rules

I love fiercely and I try to surround myself with those that do the same.

I think dogs are better than cats in all things.

I believe that there is no such thing as too much garlic or too much cheese. Because of this I always have gum on hand.

I’m half Greek-half Italian… which means yes, I am great at arguing and may be a bit loud at times. But don't worry. See above about me being a friendly guy. Oh, and see above about my love of food. It all makes sense now!