Dead Battery Club: Denver’s Newest All-Day Cocktail Lounge Inside the WeWork Building

Dead Battery Club is nestled on the first floor of the WeWork building off of Platte St. in Denver. The latest offering by Lisa Ruskaup, of Carbon Café & Bar and Habit Doughnut Dispensary fame, Dead Battery Club is a coffee, cocktail and food lounge with plush and velvety seating, polished wooden tables and an air that says don’t bring your laptop in and work.  This is actually the driving force behind the name. It’s designed for people who want to hang out after their laptop batteries die for the day.  The coffee program is definitely on point as well as their cocktails. In fact you could saddle up to the bar and watch the magic happen as baristas and bartenders prepare wonderful concoctions that get the blood flowing. Don’t forget about the food too. Chef Scott Parker from Carbon is leading the charge in the kitchen with an eye to deconstruct some cafe favorites such as chicken and egg salad or smoked trout with jalapeno, avocado and a cream cheese schmear reminiscent of a bagel and lox. There’s more but really why are you still reading this and not heading over to the bar?