Little Man Ice Cream Factory

The summer months are still in full swing and what better way to relieve some of that heat than to grab an ice cream cone. Little Man Ice Cream Factory in the Sloan’s Lake neighborhood of Denver has you covered in that respect. The 6,000 sq. foot production kitchen and ice cream tasting room has lots of space to spread out and spend some time taking in the sights and smells. Watch through the large windows as Chef Claire Fields and her team whip up baked goodness and frozen treats as bakery items and buckets of ice cream are made before your eyes. Try to decide between the science lab worth of toppings to go along with your cone of house made ice cream. Flavors are listed on a rotating, ice cream scoop lit, menu board. Follow large buckets as they  move between the kitchen and the counter by means of a conveyor belt. It’s organized chaos in the best way.