Travel in the United States: New Orleans, a City Steeped in Music and Soul

The city of New Orleans is mythical in stature. Anyone who has spent time within the confines of the Crescent City or maybe more appropriately, The Big Easy, knows that this city has a pulse all of its own and that pulse is steeped in the tss ti ti tss of jazz. One could roam the streets, not only of the French Quarter or Frenchman Street itself, but the city in its entirety and let your ears lead you on adventures of sounds, sights smells and tastes. Although massive crowds descend upon New Orleans for Mardi Gras or Jazz Fest, the city’s pulse remains the same throughout the year. Brass notes and guitar riffs drift out of doorways, the smell of po-boys and fresh seafood swirl on the gentle breeze, French, Spanish and Haitian architecture create a dazzling display of colorful and vibrant streets. Roll that all up and the base of N’awlins comes into view. Add in trips to some of the city’s must experience stops like Jackson Square and the St. Louis Cathedral, beignets and coffee at Cafe Du Monde, strolling through the French Quarter, catching some live music on Frenchman Street, walking through the giant oaks covered in Spanish moss at City Park and you get some spice added to that base.