Travel in the United States: Lake McConaughy, Nebraska

This big, blue planet we call home is full of wonderment and adventure. Natural beauty surrounds us and at any given fork in the road lies surprises, the unexplained, the undiscovered.

Lake McConaughy is a hidden gem in western Nebraska. At 20 miles long and 4 miles wide, the reservoir is fed by the North Platte River, and is an excellent place to camp, fish or just take in some of the desolate beauty of the area. I happened upon the lake for the first time during a new moon which meant that millions of twinkling lights could be seen as long as the weather held. Bad weather, and especially wind, can sometimes get out of hand making camping a little difficult at times. The first night clouds rolled in across the lake obscuring what I came to see but still made for some interesting photographs. Throughout the next day clouds hung low in the sky making the area completely overcast and my hopes of catching the Milky Way that evening seemed out of reach. I headed down to the shore after the sun set to enjoy a bonfire and time with friends. As the twilight faded and night took hold clouds started pouring in and surrounded the lake…everywhere but a small patch that extended from the opposite shore to directly overhead from where our fire raged into the sky. This is part of what makes traveling so much fun. The unexpected.