Travel in the United States: Hanging Lake

This big, blue planet we call home is full of wonderment and adventure. Natural beauty surrounds us and at any given fork in the road lies surprises, the unexplained, the undiscovered.

Hanging Lake lies a 1,000 vertical feet higher than the start of the trailhead leading to it inside Glenwood Canyon in Colorado. The hike is short (only a little more than a mile long) and steep, with rocks all along the way, but well worth it when you end up at the delicate habitat, shining blue and green in the sun only disturbed by three waterfalls flowing into the cold, semi-deep water.

The lake and the short hike to Spouting Rock above it are one of Colorado’s most popular hikes. The trail is busy and parking is a little difficult with only a small lot to handle the 100,000 plus visitors each year. There are no dogs allowed and no swimming or fishing at the lake due to the nature of the habitat.