Travel in the United States: Atlanta, Georgia at Night

This big, blue planet we call home is full of wonderment and adventure. Natural beauty surrounds us and at any given fork in the road lies surprises, the unexplained, the undiscovered.

Atlanta is a place that holds special meaning. It’s where I grew up. It’s where I cut my teeth as a photojournalist. It’s where my family still resides. The city and all the characters within make up a tapestry of sound, color and taste that is hard to emulate and harder still to understand. There are bad things that come with the good. Traffic for example. I know I sound like an old man but rush hour and the traffic that runs through the city, seemingly lasting forever, is one of the worst in the country. That being said I was given the opportunity to make something beautiful out of this madness. Simple city scenes slowed down to capture the ever constant, forward moving spirit of The ATL.