The Miracle Bar at Avanit Food & Beverage

The folks at Avanti Food & Beverage in the Highland neighborhood of Denver are bringing a taste of the holidays to their patrons. They have partnered with Miracle Bar to bring an amazing Christmas themed pop up bar into the space on the second floor known as The Wolf Bar. With lights and decorations all over the place (on the walls, tables, chairs and every other conceivable place outside of the floor), fresh baked cookies from the folks at Bistro Georgette and themed cocktails made especially for the season the pop up promises to be busy. Avanti will be taking some reservations for the semi small space but for the most part if you want to experience it for yourself seats are on a first come-first serve basis or through a waitlist. While you’re there, try a Yippee Ki Yay Mother F***** or a Gingerbread Flip and get into the Christmas spirit. The specialty glasses that the cocktails are served in are available to purchase and 10% of the proceeds will be donated to Action Against Hunger.