Tatarian: Tree Themed Cocktails in a Swanky Setting in Denver

The folks at Arvada Tavern and Union Lodge No. 1 are spreading their wings once again with a tree-themed, cocktail lounge named Tatarian in Berkeley. An unassuming window and door off of Tennyson Street gives way to the entrance to the bar where low lighting and geometric lines greet the eyes. You can find Josh Sevy behind the bar. Sevy, the bar manager, has created a truly inspired list of drinks focusing on herbs, spices and and roots. All the details are there to bring the idea to life. Not only the drinks but the bar itself is named after the maple tree that grows throughout Northwest Denver and the leaf logo is stamped into the large ice cubes that fill the glasses. I had the opportunity to try two of Sevy’s concoctions. The Kapok with Irish whiskey, Combier, orgeat, banana-raspberry oleo, pineapple and lime juices, and tiki bitters; and a signature Golden Gate made with amaretto, Fernet Branca, lemon juice, and orgeat.  The Golden Gate is slightly too sweet for my blood, even with the fernet helping to make it a well balanced cocktail. The Kapok, on the other hand is a whiskey forward drink that warms the soul on a cold night.