Santo, Boulder’s Newest New Mexican Restaurant

Chef Hosea Rosenberg originally hails from Taos, New Mexico. The Top Chef winner is about to unleash his culinary genius on the unsuspecting city of Boulder, Colorado with his take on northern New Mexican cuisine.  Santo is a clean space with lots of light flowing into the dining room and bar tucked next to Ideal Market off of Alpine Ave.  Small statues sit in alcoves in the walls and the showstopper is the New Mexican sun inspired chandelier that hangs above the bar. The beverage program feeds off of a healthy dose of tequila and mezcal with creative cocktails that highlight the flavors of the liquors and the food is spectacular. If you haven’t stopped in Taos, Santa Fe or Albuquerque for a bite to eat then prepare your taste buds.  With ingredients such as wild boar, trout, green and red chilies and mole, the food served at Santo is not south of the border Mexican fare. There is smoked corn soup, wild boar Navajo fry bread, trout tostadas and a whole slew of other tasty creations just waiting to be tried. Come get your grub on at Santo. You won’t be disappointed!