Opening Night for the German Christkindl Holiday Market in Denver

A small section of downtown Denver is transformed this time of year into a German winter wonderland known as the Christkindl Holiday Market. Actually, this transformation, at Arapahoe and the 16th St. Mall, is now in its 17th year. The German American Chamber of Commerce puts on the event which brings the best of Germany, shopping, food, music and of course beer to the Mile High City. The market is open for over a month ending just before Christmas on December 23rd.

For those of you who are wondering what is a Christkindl I can be of some help. In Germany, Switzerland, Austria and other countries of that region the Christkindl is the traditional bringer of gifts during Christmas. The literal translation is Christ Child but thought of more as a sprite like child usually depicted with blonde hair and angelic wings, dressed in white. The Christkindl usually visits on December 6th to bring presents to children in the same way Santa Claus visits on Christmas Eve.

The opening night celebration for the market happened this past Saturday. Members of the Denver Philharmonic Orchestra serenaded the crowd as beer flowed. People wandered the festively decorated market shopping for presents for friends and loved ones. Jayson Luber from Denver 7 News was there to emcee the opening ceremonies and to tap the traditional keg which signifies the official start to the event. The Christkindl herself even made an appearance to bring small presents to the children enjoying the festivities.