Daughter Thai Kitchen & Bar

Khao Soi is probably my favorite Thai dish of all time. It stems from the Chiang Mai province in the northern part of the country and it is absolutely, 100 percent delicious. For the past two and a half years, I have pined after the dish that stole my heart and although some restaurants have come close, it seems I was relegated to making it myself, until now. Daughter Thai Kitchen & Bar in the Highlands has some of the most authentic dishes I have tasted in the Denver area, and not just northern dishes, but from all over the country of Thailand. Whole stripped bass that has been deep fried from the south, of course the khao soi from the north, but also kang ped duck, lamb massaman curry and kai kem poo (crab meat) to name just a few more. A native of Thailand, Ounjit Hardacre Prior heads up the kitchen as the executive chef. The bar program is also stocked with fun, bright and colorful cocktails that, not only have playful names, but excite the taste buds with complementary flavors.