Chook: Denver’s New Fast Casual Chicken Joint

The fast casual chicken race has had a game changer open in Denver, and by a James Beard Award-winning chef no less. Alex Seidel, has opened Chook, (pronounced as a mashup of Cook and Chicken) off of South Pearl Street  in the Platt Park neighborhood of the city. The plan is to open more locations throughout the Mile High City while creating a market for major changes in Colorado’s poultry industry. You can find high-quality and ethically raised birds in the form of juicy quarter, half, and whole grilled chicken cuts paired with charred winter vegetables, fresh salads, and pastas and potatoes to order on the side. But not just food. You can have your pick of half and whole glasses of “good beer” and “lovely wine,” as well as little “happy pots” of pre-batched cocktails — Negroni, Old Fashioned, two martinis — that leave most other fast-casual players in the dust. There are a number of quality meal options for around $10 or less which may have other franchises on the chopping block so to speak.