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2020 German Christkindl Market in Denver

The Christkindl Market in Denver has a new home this year! From right before Thanksgiving until right before Christmas eve, Civic Center Park has been transformed into a wonderful German holiday market to shop, drink, eat and get into the festive season. There are some rules in place due to the pandemic and those of you that have been before will notice some of the changes. Masks are required and there is a limit to the capacity of people allowed in at one time, so expect to wait in line during the weekends. That being said, this year marks the 20th anniversary for the Christkindl Holiday Market celebrating all things Christmas with a German twist. Craving some gluvine (hot spiced wine)? Or some stout beer? Or hand crafted ornaments, garments and toys?  The market has you covered.

Want to hear some live music? Members of Denver Symphony Orchestra have been spotted up on stage in years past. So have polka bands, accordionists, and some local celebrities such as the mayor, radio personalities and newscasters. Hungry? There are plenty of authentic German food vendors serving salmon, sausages, and so much more.

You get the idea….

For those of you who are wondering what is a Christkindl I can be of some help. In Germany, Switzerland, Austria and other countries of that region the Christkindl is literally translated as the Christ Child but thought of more as a sprite like child usually depicted with blonde hair and angelic wings, dressed in white. The Christkindl ushers in the holiday season with the help of St. Nicolas who, on December 6th, brings presents to children in the same way Santa Claus visits on Christmas Eve. The market is regularly visited by the Christkindl, as well as St. Nicholas and Krampus.

A Family Portrait Christmas Story

There is something magical about Christmas morning. The colder air, the snow and the weeks of anticipation for the visit from Santa Claus. The joy of family and the coming together to celebrate the close of another year. It’s one of my favorite times of year and this family portrait session is a great way to close 2020…

Cherry Creek North’s Winter Wanderland

The holiday season is in full swing, even during a pandemic. Cherry Creek North is trying something new for 2020 with a Winter Wanderland and has lined the streets with tens of thousands of lights as well as set up a holiday market off of Fillmore Street with a group of artisans selling their handmade and small-batch wares. The small businesses in the area are also open and appropriately decorated for the end of the year with tinsel and snowmen. Each Thursday, hot chocolate, coffee, candy canes, roasted almonds and more are being handed out for free at strategically placed tents throughout the shopping district between University and Steele. There’s also a really fun, very colorful art installation called Prismatica at 3rd and Milwaukee. Although restaurants are currently restricted, they have pivoted once again to include outdoor patio seating that is heated for those willing to brave the colder temperatures for a meal. It definitely feels like the holidays and almost more importantly brings some much needed cheer to a year filled with uncertainty and fear….




Shah Family Portraits

Joy, the matriarch of the Shah family approached me to update her family’s portraits. With her daughter and son both living in Denver, it had been years since they had gotten together for a family photo. We had a lot of fun capturing the moment of a family who loves and cares for one another.

Dekalb County Parks

Dekalb is one of the three largest counties in Georgia and as such has a whole bunch of outdoor activities to offer its residents and the greater population of Atlanta. Miles upon miles of hiking trails and bike paths, fishing spots, sports centers and paddling are readily available at parks, both large and small. Get outside and enjoy the great outdoors.


The New (And Old) Restaurant Scene in Tucker, Georgia

I love traveling and I love food. So putting those two things together in a single photography shoot is high up on my list of awesome things to do. Tucker sits near Atlanta and has an amazingly quaint, what I think of as almost stereotypical, small southern city with all of the charm that comes with it.  A single set of railroad tracks split the two lane Main Street lined with shops and restaurants. Crickets and cicadas chirp and buzz as the sun sets. People are out and about finding a place to eat. And I am capturing it all through my camera lens.


An Artist’s Headshots

Peter and I work together in other capacities, but he came to me to request updated headshots. Peter is a performing artist and director and wanted his new look to encompass some of that flair and even in a pandemic, what better place than the RiNo neighborhood of Denver?