A Chef’s Two Loves

It may be an over-generalization but it seems that a chef has two loves; food and family. So what happens when two chefs get married? They cook together. It’s Valentine’s Day and what better way to show some love than to catch up with a powerhouse of a cooking couple and have a meal together.

The names Isabel Ranney and Jason Linam should sound familiar. Ranney has created culinary masterpieces at Park Hill while Linam has White Pie and Frasca under his belt. Most recently the couple worked together at Bremen’s Wine & Tap before it closed it’s doors at the end of January. It’s unfortunate especially since the week that the restaurant closed was its most profitable. The setback is keeping Isabel and Jason down however. There are possibilities on the horizon and it sounds like Tabels is getting a new Chef de cuisine.

Isabel and Jason invited me into their home last week to catch a glimpse of what it’s like to have a normal dinner with their family. Isabel has an eight-year-old daughter, Lee, who is a budding chef herself. While Jason attends to the meat and seafood on the stove, Lee helps her mom flatten and cut homemade beet pasta and peels carrots while Isabel cuts them. It is a true team effort and the resulting shrimp and sausage pasta with kale, carrots and whole myriad of herbs and spices is delicious!